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A Switch in My Head Just Went Off

by on July 30, 2015

A switch in my head went off on my morning ride.  It was a significant and important change.

First, a little background.  Near the end of last year, I set 3 cycling goals for 2015.

  1. Race RAAM
  2. Complete a 1200k
  3. Ride 10,000 miles

As I moved into 2015 I was most intensely focused on goals 1 & 3.  I have a chart and a plan for the riding of 10,000 miles during the year.  It paralleled the training necessary for RAAM.

RAAM was ridden. As of the end of RAAM, I was ahead of schedule for 10,000 miles.  Life was good.

Then, I rode a 200k in July that was a hard challenge.  I bonked so bad near the end of the ride that I laid down in the shade for 15 minutes 2 miles from the finish.  I reconsidered the 1200k goal.  Too bad I was past the refund date, so I was committed to either ride the ride or lose the money I had paid for registration.  I remained on the fence.

This morning, a switch in my head went off.

I found myself planning the ride.  How would I attach the bags to my Seven?  What pace will I ride at the start to give me enough time to sleep but still complete the ride on time.  How does this pace feel?  What maintenance do I need to do to have the bike ready for a 750 mile ride (in 4 days)?  A few days ago I gave myself the rest of July to relax and planned to start focused training again in August.  I guess my head decided to get in the game a few days early.

Here we go!

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