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Fixie (Friendly) Friday Flats

by on May 28, 2010

This Ride: 24.9 mi
Kona Miles: 1307.4 mi
Month to date: 584.8 mi  <– Personal Monthly Distance Record
2010 Total: 1773.9 mi

When I started riding with the Severna Park Peloton, the Friday breakfast ride to Annapolis was called “Fixie Friday”, encouraging people to ride their “fixies” (that is bikes with one gear linked directly to the pedals … there is no coasting on a fixie).  Recently, the rides have been called by some “Friendly Fridays” (in contrast to some of the more demanding 5:45 am weekday rides). Fixie took on a different meaning this morning … the peloton suffered 3 flats, all on “fixies”.

Clint flatted (rear) near Riggs, another rider flatted on Old Country Road (rear), and Clint discovered his front tire flat before launching off on the return.  That put us home about 30 minutes later than usual after breakfast.

Heavy thunderstorms ran through in the middle of the night, drenching everything.  Quite a bit had dried up before the ride … enough that even without fenders it wasn’t too bad.  I think we had 8 in the group at one point, people being added and leaving at various places along the way.  Six rolled into Annapolis.  There was more traffic than usual because today is the the Naval Academy Graduation.  I hope the weather holds.

Most of us ate at Hard Bean, in Annapolis, sitting outside talking with Sebastian and watching Clint recruit participants in the upcoming Ironman competition.  He is a great ambassador for the group.

All in all, a nice morning.

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