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What do you call a group of cycling cops?

by on June 16, 2010

This Ride: 19.3 mi
Kona Miles: 1508.1 mi
Month to date: 159.2 mi
2010 Total: 1974.5 mi

I was prepared to ride this morning with the 5:45 group.  Really, I was.  I got up at 5 am.  I noticed that it was dry out.  I started putting on my kit at 5:15 am and as I was doing so, my spouse asked, “Is it raining?”  I looked out, and sure enough, it was.  I checked the radar, and moderate rain was centered over our community.  I decided then and there to stay home.  Minutes later, it stopped raining (and I could have still made the ride time) but since I don’t have fenders I stayed in bed. (Slap my wrist now please.)

So, this afternoon after buying some fenders so I don’t have that excuse again, I squeezed in a ride between thunderstorms.  The humidity was oppressive.  The route was dry except for a few puddles, but I left a trail of sweat that anyone could have followed.  It was running off my nose, off my brow and into my eyes, and off my chin.  I may have to hose the bike down so that metal parts don’t rust overnight.  The fenders still aren’t on, but maybe I’ll get them set later tonight and learn how to quick attach and detach them.  I keep whittling away those excuses.

On the return trip, near the south end of the trail, I encountered a “squad” of about 6-7 cycling police officers headed south.  They were all on mountain bikes (on seats that seemed to be set a little low) and huffing and puffing down the trail at about 12 mph (well under the 15 mph speed limit mind you).  None of them appeared to be under 250 lbs, and from the looks of their eyes, they were ready to quit.   I think they were practicing drafting.  I smiled, traveling at about 18-19 mph at that point.  Probably the only time I’ll be able to speed by 6 or 7 police officers and know I’ll not be pulled over.

Can you tell those endorphins are flowing through my brain?

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