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But I don’t want to ride …

by on June 23, 2010

This Ride: 16.1 mi
Kona Miles: 1661.9 mi
Month to date: 313.1 mi
2010 Total: 2128.4 mi

I really didn’t want to ride this morning, and I had all sorts of excuses:

  • The storm last night was bad and that will mean debris all over the trail.
  • It is already hot and humid.
  • I worked hard yesterday.
  • I’m tired.
  • I’ve got so much to do at work.
  • My chain needs to be cleaned and lubed.
  • My handlebars need to be adjusted.
  • I still haven’t fixed my front derailleur.
  • My bee sting itches.

But with no good excuses, and because cyclists ride and I’m a cyclist, I rode.

There was debris on the northern part of the trail from the storm.  There were trees and bamboo hanging low over the trail.  It was hot and humid and I dripped sweat once again.  I kept my pace down, doing better with keeping my heart rate within planned limits.  A reasonable pace of 16.9 for the ride was accomplished (not bad for an average heart rate of 127.)

So I rode.  Better this morning that mid afternoon with the temps forecast to be in the mid 90s.

In case you were wondering, those storms last night were something else!  We had wind gusts of 65 mph.  I’ll try to link video of it later.  Here is a screen capture of radar after the storm passed.

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