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Hot, Humid & Hot

by on June 28, 2010

This Ride: 14.3 mi
Kona Miles: 1732.8 mi
Month to date: 383.9 mi
2010 Total: 2199.3 mi

Just getting out to ride today was a miracle, of sorts.  I had an early meeting so “Mosey Monday” was out.  I wouldn’t be able to ride and shower and get to work on time.  The day quickly heated up to 98-99 at mid-day, a real scorcher.  We had a thunderstorm roll through around 3, and temps cooled down to the upper 70s.  Once things dried off a bit, and I ate supper, I decided to go out for a few miles … nothing spectacular.  It was about 81-83 during the ride with humidity levels at least that high from all the evaporating rain.  In no time, I was pouring sweat off my face, into my eyes, and off my chin.  I’m anxiously awaiting the sweatband in the mail.

I really didn’t push it much.  Average heart rate for the short ride was 136 which is a good workout.  I drank one small bottle of Gatorade.  I’ve got some pain in my right leg that I’ll have to watch.  My handlebars still aren’t right. I’m getting plenty of numbness in my hands yet.

And in the “pay attention to your tires” category: While stopped at a light I glanced down and noticed a large piece of glass embedded in my front tire.  That is the first one I’ve found since getting these new tires nearly 900 miles ago.  This piece of glass was so large and sharp that it would have worked its way through the tire and into the tube within a few days.  I’m really glad I caught it now.  I’ve gotten lazy with my post ride examination of the tires.  Time to start paying attention again.

This much glass can ruin your day

So, I was glad I got out.  Nothing much interesting on the Garmin today, so I’ll save bandwidth.

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