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Nickel & Dime ’em to Life Begins

by on July 1, 2010

This Ride: 20.0 mi
Kona Miles: 1807.9 mi
Month to date: 20.0 mi
2010 Total: 2274.3 mi
Pace to 5254.8 mile goal in 2010: +2.3 miles

Wow!  I woke up to cool temps and 50% humidity this morning, so with a little later start to the ride decided to push the speed up and see if I could set a personal record pace for the typical 20 mile ride.  Not knowing what that was on the ride made it more difficult.  I averaged 18.1 mph, missing my previous solo best by 0.2 mph average, but beating my Ocean City flat ride average by the same amount.  All things considering, this was a good fast ride on a trail populated by people.  There was more of a headwind on the return trip than I expected.

It is also Day 1 of 183 of the “Nickel & Dime ’em to Life” fund-raising project.  I’ve got a spreadsheet that will keep track of my miles and let me know how I’m doing keeping pace with what is necessary for achieving 3000 miles in the last half of 2010.  That’s what the last stat above tracks, how I’m tracking with my mileage goal for the year.  This should be fun.

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