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Some “off the bike” news

by on July 10, 2010

After yesterday’s ride, there were some tasks that needed to be completed, and I felt like I accomplished a great deal.

First, I settled on some sunglasses.  This was not as easy as it might seem.  I wear glasses.  I’m what they call a “mature” rider.  That means that bifocals are important.  I could choose prescription riding sunglasses, but I’m finding that many of the companies are just not willing to put bifocals in these sunglasses because they often have such a severe curve.  I’ve looked at stick-on bifocals, I’ve looked at contacts, I’ve looked for a good general solution and because of the expense, I want to make sure these are more useful than just for riding.

Thank you Rudy Project.  What I chose is called “Exception”.

These will be very flexible for my use.  They have prescription lenses behind the sunglasses and I’ll have progressive lenses (so I can see the bike computer and any cue sheets).  The sunglasses are transition and polarized lenses, and either flip up or can be removed entirely.  This is not exactly the style I was looking for, but it was the best compromise I could find.  I’ll be able to use these to read on the beach, drive, or cycle to my heart’s content.  I really was getting tired of squinting.  Hopefully they will arrive in a week to 10 days.  I’m looking forward to getting them.

I also took the Kona into Pedal Pushers for a tune up.  I got her back by the end of the day, with the assurance that the front derailleur works now.  She is in the small ring.  I haven’t had the chance to test it out yet, and this morning it is raining pretty hard.  Maybe I can get an afternoon or evening ride in as a shakedown and fine-tuning the gears.

On my to-do list is to stop by the bike shop for some ecaps, and a few other incidentals.

Here’s wishing the SPP 3Cs riding a 1000k around Lake Ontario a successful finish today.

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  1. Remarkable how the same challenges, circumstances, accomplishments, lessons learned, etc keep coming up.

    I just ordered prescription sports glasses as well. I tried the non prescription wrap-arounds for a while but I’m just blind enough that I find I needed my scripts. Still waiting for mine to come in.

    Before the wrap arounds I rode with my regular glasses for a while. I kept crying every time the speed got above 25 mph going down hill.

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