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Wild Wednesday

by on July 21, 2010

(In honor of the Tour de France this month’s distances are in kilometers)

This Ride: 32.5 km
Kona Distance: 3,413.9 km
Month to date: 536.6 km
2010 Total: 4164.7 km
Pace to 8,456.78 km mile goal in 2010: (63.2 km behind goal)

This morning’s goal was to ride hard, ride fast, and keep it up … solo.  I’m not ready to ride with the Peloton quite yet on these fast Tuesday – Thursday rides.  As I started out this morning, I noticed that the headlight did illumine some of the roadway ahead of me.  It was able to cast a few shadows on obstacles for at least the first few minutes, then I switched back over to the blinking light.  As the fall comes on, I’m probably going to have to spring for a brighter light if I am going to ride early in the morning.  My 2 watt LED just won’t cut it.

My first 5 miles felt quick (and the Garmin shows I averaged 18.9 mph), but my heart rate was pretty high too, so I backed off some, occasionally picking up the pace.  The second 5 miles averaged 17.9, still quite respectable, but the 3rd 5 miles had the hills and I was really struggling to keep up the pace.  Once I hit the trail again, I tried to step it up, and thought I saw the blinky tail lights of the Peloton way ahead.  (I might just have to time this trip in such a way that I catch the last half of the Peloton’s ride.)  I used that to attempt to close the gap, and did notice that I seemed to be catching up.  That in itself would be a major accomplishment.  As it turned out, it was Alex ahead, training for his triathalon.  He reversed directions, and we acknowledged one another at a combined speed of about 35-40 mph.

I decided to try B&A Blvd back, the usual Peloton route, and as I neared “downtown Severna Park” I noted two cyclists ahead.  I worked again at closing the gap, and noticed this time I was succeeding!  Within a few miles, I had made great progress, and just after Robinson Road joined the two riders, Clint and my friend Mike.  This was Mike’s first ride with the Peloton (on Wicked Wednesday!).  Clint had honored the no-drop rule (he will disembowel anyone who does not honor it) and was riding Mike’s pace.  A half mile (or less) later, I missed my turn home, caught the next one and then climbed the hill home.  That stretch “chasing down the breakaway” I again averaged 18.9 mph, despite riding with Mike and Clint for part of it.

All told, my fast day wasn’t as fast as I hoped … 17.9 mph over 20 miles … but still respectable.  I was able to wring out the sweat from my headband without any real effort.  Disgusting.  It was steamy.

Oh, and the sunrise was even better than yesterday’s.

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