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Another 50 Friday

by on September 10, 2010

This Ride: 51.6 miles
Kona Distance: 3,415.6 miles
Month to date: 238.9 miles
2010 Total: 3,882.1 miles
Pace to 5,254.8 mile goal in 2010: (277.3 miles ahead of goal pace)

I rested yesterday, and it was noticeable this morning.  Much less lung congestion.  More strength.  I think I’ll live.

This was really a “Friendly Friday” this morning to Annapolis for breakfast.  Dan, one of the riders who crashed on Tuesday was back on the bike and joined us.  He is still very sore, with road rash on his face, hands, arms and legs, and so Clint kept us to the trail at a very leisurely pace.  Bryan drove down for breakfast, and although his clothing covers most of his road rash, he is missing some very large patches of skin and you can see the pain in his face.  The stories were told, there was some good-natured ribbing, and all-told a nice way to start the day.  These guys will be ok.  It is amazing that no bones were broken, although Brian’s bike was totaled.

After breakfast, I hooked up with Mike B and rode with him on his commute to work.  There was a strong northerly breeze and it reminded me that it is time to start pulling together the cool-cold weather kit in order to keep riding as the weather changes.  My toes were cold by mile 30 this morning.  After Mike pulled away for the last stretch to work, I settled down for the final part of the 50 mile ride solo.  I tried to keep a nice pace going, and feel pretty good about the 10 miles with an average of 17.9 mph.  I was focused on the Seagull Century and keeping the speed up on the flats, focused on what I might be able to do on that ride.

Now for some work around the house the rest of the day and I’ll be going sailing this evening for the Magothy River Friday night races.  A nice day all round.

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