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On Any Given Day

by on September 24, 2010

This Ride: 100.4 miles
Kona Distance: 3,770.1 miles
Month to date: 593.4 miles
2010 Total: 4236.6 miles
Pace to 5,254.8 mile goal in 2010: (352.2 miles ahead of goal pace)

I’ve claimed that on any given day, (with a few exceptions) I can do a Century Ride.   This was one of those days I decided to ride a Century and accomplished the feat.

It was a very warm 71 degree and humid (foggy) morning to start.  Eleven riders joined the ride and 5 rode into Annapolis for breakfast.  It was a very pleasant time, and a pretty easy pace.

I accompanied Mike B on his commute to work.  The humidity was so high that our glasses kept fogging, and at one point it was so bad we had to stop and clean them off.  We made some plans for the Seagull Century in two weeks, and I really enjoyed his company.  At the top of the Airport Loop, he split off for work and I split off for the remaining 65 miles solo.  I had a rough idea about what I wanted to accomplish and the route to do that, but it was flexible all morning.  I finished the Airport Loop counterclockwise at Dorsey Road, then turned around and did the loop clockwise, stopping at the 7-11 at mile 49.5 for a banana, a Snickers, and Gatorade.  The clerk tried to talk me into buying two of each of these items because they were on sale if you bought two.  I declined, but filled a water bottle with the Gatorade and one with water.

The next 15 miles were pretty tough.  I continued south, connected with East West Highway, and turned on to Veteran’s Highway to do a circuit around the Severn River.  There was a good deal of traffic to contend with and at least one very significant hill, although it felt like more.  I was also missing company.  I think this was the first time I traveled this route to Annapolis solo.  In Annapolis I made a wrong turn, but providentially, that meant that I could end up at home just over 100 miles without having to add a loop on B&A Blvd later.

Coming out of Annapolis I decided to do St. Margaret’s Road, then on to Sandy Point where I took on water (and left some behind).  Then back up the road to another 7-11.  This time it was 2 bananas, part of a Coke (I was tired of Gatorade) and I mixed a Gatorade from a packet I was carrying with me.  By this time it was getting quite warm and I had another 15-18 miles to go for the Century.

College Parkway had its usual traffic and awkward stops.  I was struggling again near Anne Arundel Community College, but continued on with the goal in sight.  At the Trail, I turned south, knowing I had another 10 miles or so to log before reaching 100.  I rode to the end of the trail and then the horses knew we were headed home.  Mental calculations said I might just make it home with 100 miles without having to add any more detours.

A little over a half mile from home, I almost bought the farm.  I was crossing Ritchie Highway with the left arrow light, giving me a clear path north.  (At this intersection I always observe and obey the light.  It is a dangerous intersection.)  A vehicle from the opposite side (in a turn right only lane) ran the red light, crossing straight across Ritchie Highway.  We were inches from a collision.  When I looked at the driver’s eyes, he clearly believed me to be in the wrong.  With 99.6 miles behind me, my reaction time was no longer quick, so it was very fortunate that I was able to swerve right just far enough to get out of his path.  If I would have unclipped my left foot, I would have left a mark on the left side of his car.

The adrenaline rush got me up the hill and home with a nice finish.  I would have like to come in under 6 hours riding time, but I think the heat sapped me of a lot today.  The high temp on the Garmin was 95.  The bank thermometer right before my near crash read 100.

I wore my new Garneau bib shorts on this ride, and I’ll write a separate review of them later.  Now for a shower, catch up on emails, and an evening with Lori.

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  1. If you want to buy a farm, a Realtor could help you with that better than a bad driver.

    Glad this one had a happy ending. And congrats on the big miles. I enjoy the Friday rides too.

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