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Seagull Tomorrow

by on October 8, 2010

This Ride: 31.2 miles
Kona Distance: 3,936.5 miles
Month to date: 126.5 miles
2010 Total: 4,423 miles
Pace to 5,254.8 mile goal in 2010: (259 miles ahead of goal pace)

Tomorrow is the Seagull Century.  I decided in January that I would ride the Seagull, thinking then that it might be my first Century ride.  It will be my 4th, but my first large organized ride.  I am looking forward to it.  In fact, I dreamed about the ride all night.  My post about the ride will be delayed until at least Sunday night/Monday morning since I’ll be mostly off the grid until then.

But that’s tomorrow.  This morning’s breakfast ride started at 50 degrees.  It seemed colder.  I tried out the clothing combination I’ll start the Seagull with and the selection will work.  It will be chilly to start, but only for a few miles.

Six rode from the RB, and we had an enjoyable ride.  Mike C was back riding with the group.  Four of us rode to breakfast, with Mike B off to meet his group at Chick & Ruth’s while the rest of us ate at Hard Bean, with Carl joining us.  Carl moved to Roanoke earlier this year, and was back in town. On the return we picked up the pace a bit.  I notice on the graph of my heart rate that it was consistently higher on the return with fewer dips.  Cadence also shows stops only where we had to coast through intersections.

I had some trouble with my rear brake on the way to Annapolis.  A piece of metal found its way into a groove.  I got it out, but will need to look hard at my brake pads this morning and probably replace them once the bike shop opens this morning.  It is probably about time.  I’m still working with getting the shifting right in the lower gears, but think I had that pretty well fixed by the time I got to the bridge.  I’m not jumping out of gear anymore.

Annapolis is decked out for the Sailboat Show.  The harbor is chock full of boats.  Masts are everywhere, with nearly every one of them with some colored pendants flying in the breeze.  Great weather is forecast for the weekend, so it should attract a lot of attention.  I hope they are able to sell some boats.  On our return, we watched a great sunrise.

Now to get the bag with the bike gear pulled together and double checked.  I don’t want to forget something important … like the bike.

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  1. I always have nightmares when I travel to a ride of forgetting the bike (an SSPer HAS done that, but I’ll protect the innocent in a public forum), the shoes or the helmet.

    Looking forward to tomorrow.

  2. Best of luck! I’m looking forward to reading of your adventure and your assessment of the newspaper vest. This ride is on my list of possible 2011 centuries so I’ll be very interested in what you think of it.

    BTW, I’m already impressed at your cycling prowess – taking a 31 mile ride the day before a century speaks volumes about your conditioning!

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