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Easy Recovery Ride

by on October 10, 2010

This Ride: 20.2 miles
Kona Distance: 4,058.2 miles
Month to date: 248.2 miles
2010 Total: 4,544.7 miles
Pace to 5,254.8 mile goal in 2010: (340 miles ahead of goal pace)

They say that it is good to get out and do a recovery ride after a long ride.  My simple goal was to ride today keeping my heart rate below 120 bpm.  It was good to get out.  I rode a respectable pace mostly keeping my heart rate down (average was 113 today, on the Seagull Century it was 140).  My legs felt better by the end of the ride.

Oh, I did see a very large wheel unicycle on the trail.  The wheel must have been nearly 4 foot in diameter!  The guy was moving pretty good!

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