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Mid-day Ride

by on October 13, 2010

This Ride: 18.4 miles
Kona Distance: 4,147 miles
Month to date: 337 miles
2010 Total: 4,633.5 miles
Pace to 5,254.8 mile goal in 2010: (369.1 miles ahead of goal pace)

Autumn is rapidly arriving. Yesterday’s high was 82. Today we will be lucky to see 65.

This is the last day of this “staycation”, and I decided to sleep in rather than dress for 50 degrees and get up before 5 am.  That explains a late morning ride … when it had warmed up to 58.

My legs were in better shape.  My enthusiasm for riding was less.  Could it be the 6 consecutive days of riding?  Could it be the 242 miles in those 6 days?  Could it be that I’ve grown accustomed to riding with others?  Maybe yes to all of this.

The ride was enjoyable.  I simply traveled down the trail at as brisk a pace as I wanted.  At the end of the trail, I rode the hill from Highway 2 north twice to get some additional cardio.  Then, a quick dash back home using B&A Blvd and the trail.  But I skipped 1.5 miles at the end just because I was done.

I’ll take a rest day tomorrow.  I hope the forecast rain moves off by Friday’s breakfast ride.  A Saturday solo ride is possible since Lori has another obligation.  For now, rest.

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