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Review: Louis Garneau Men’s Neo Power Bib Shorts

by on November 15, 2010

Late summer/early fall I purchased the Louis Garneau Men’s Neo Power Bib Shorts.  These were the first bib shorts I had ever worn.  I originally ordered a medium, but quickly returned those when I had to wrestle them on and was afraid that I might tear them apart pulling them on and off.  I replaced them with a large, which fit fine and were comfortable.

I love these shorts!

I’ve now ridden these shorts for several months and want to describe them to you.

The chamois is “air-filled” foam and has several different “depths”.  This means no pressure points and I never felt like I was wearing a diaper.  It has been very comfortable on three different centuries.  The only other short I’ve worn has a gel-filled chamois.  I was worried that the “air-filled” might not be sufficient padding, but it has performed very well.  I’ve not had any saddle sores or “hot spots” with these shorts.

I also love the compression.  There is a band of extra compression at the bottom of the leg, rather than the usual narrow strip of silicone to keep them in place.  It works very well.  I’ve never had these slip up the leg.

I do have one minor complaint.  When I’m not on the bike, the man parts need to be frequently adjusted.  On the bike, adjustments have never been necessary, even when hours in the saddle.  Not much of a complaint, really.  Just stay on the bike!

While I’m not an expert, having worn multiple pairs of shorts, I really like these.  I’ll buy another pair … I’m that satisfied.

I have not received any compensation or consideration for this review.

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  1. Chris Whitmore permalink

    Great post- what are you measurements? I want to order a large as well but I am 6’1″ and 200 lbs.


    • ponderingpastor permalink

      5’5″ and a buck fifty-60. Large might be tight on you. It does “relax” with age.

  2. EDR permalink

    I stumbled upon your review through a Google Search on “LG’s Neo Power Bib” as this will be my 4th pair. I’ve worn out the last two pair riding 17,000 miles over 2 1/2 seasons while commuting. These are my warm weather gear +70 degrees F. I’ll ride knickers under 70F [especially early mornings in spring where temps can be in the low 50’s]. So it’s safe to say that I’ve got a good 8-9,000 miles into 2 pair 2009 -2010. I can not write enough about the actual comfort, especially during hot and humid afternoons. Last season I bought a 400 mile bib short on a recommendation from a friend and there is zero in comparison to the LG Neo’s.

    First off, the added length of the leg material allows greater protection from Ultraviolet rays, which hit the top of our legs nearing the knee. That’s one area that’s notorious for skin cancer over time. The added inch to inch and a half length is actually the compression “band” which disallows the leg portion to ride up your inner thigh. That band around the thigh nearing the knee gives a very comfortable feeling overall [invisible]. The bib section itself feels invisible too. Well designed, good overall compression and no “hot spots” due to seams being flattened. The chamois may seem – at first appearance – as being shallow and not so thick – but it is actually one of the strongest points of the overall design. Years of riding have always given me that sore section between the chamois seam and the inner thigh material transition point – but not with the Neo’s. Absolutely zero chaffing or disturbance around the chamois area fading out to the garment material legging itself due to flattened sticking and gradual chamois tapering. I would say these are the best all around bibs I’ve owned. I’ve had the pricey $200 plus, as well as the cycling website favourites read out of Bicycling Magazine [2009]. For the price the Neo’s are the classic for all others to compare. I just picked up 2 pair at biketiresdirect . com for $102 shipped.

    Excuse the typos

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