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How Could I Keep From Riding?

by on November 22, 2010

This Ride: 27.7 miles
Kona Distance: 4,936.1 miles
Month to date: 297.1 miles
2010 Total: 5,422.6 miles

With afternoon temperatures around 60 degrees and a very light wind, how could I keep from riding? I pushed through lunch with work, and was able to get free around 3.

It was a great ride.  There was a beautiful sunset.  I saw one deer.  I was able to turn my head off.  I got no flats.

The only negative was a carload of teenagers who taunted me as the car drove close to me, then sped off.  I caught up to them and passed them when they were stopped by traffic at a stop sign.  They continued to taunt, but I blew by them, turning right as they were turning left.  No real confrontation happened, but there was that potential.  There were hundreds of other vehicle drivers who were courteous and cautious.


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One Comment
  1. Two rides in one day? Show off! 🙂

    I am way overdue for my next obnoxious car. It’s been several months now since I’ve met up with one. My problems normally center on inattentive walkers/joggers. They’re not malicious, just… inattentive to the world around them, including cyclists.

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