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Maintenance Afternoon

by on December 6, 2010

Finally!  Some bike maintenance.  This is what I accomplished this afternoon.

  • Wash the bike.
  • Remove rear tire and tube, find the deeply embedded stone, remove it, boot the tire and install a new tube.
  • Clean the cassette.
  • Clean & lube the chain.
  • Replace some batteries (in heart rate monitor and cadence sensor).
  • Adjust brake and shifting cables.
  • Check the chain for wear.  Call the bike shop to get the bike in for a new chain and some other maintenance.

After tomorrow morning’s 5:45 ride, I’ll take the bike in to Pedal Pushers for a new chain and a “once over”.  The bike has been ridden over 5,000 miles, and the measurement of the chain this afternoon shows that the chain should be replaced.  I don’t know about the condition of the bottom bracket, large ring and other critical parts.  We’ll see what Rob says.  Hopefully I can get the bike back tomorrow evening as good as new.

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