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New pieces to the bike

by on December 7, 2010

Today was the day to complete some significant part replacement … at least significant to me.  Yesterday I measured my chain, and determined it needed to be replaced.  I called and made an appointment with Pedal Pushers, the local bike shop where I purchased the bike back in January of this year.  They could work on the bike and get it back to me by the end of the day.  That means that there was no down time for me.  I like that.

At the end of the day, more was done than I expected.  Rob said that the chain still had a little life in it, but he went ahead and replaced it as I requested.  He also replaced the cassette (the multiple gears on the back wheel).  He said a new chain would jump and cause me trouble in the 2 or 3 gears I use the most.  I saw the old cassette on the bench, and it had clear wear marks.  I was afraid of the cost when he said he replaced the cassette, but was pleased that it was half the cost of my expectations.

Rob wanted to replace the large chain ring (the gear at the pedals), but didn’t have one in stock and claims that mine will be fine until the next chain replacement.  He looked at the flat, couldn’t find the reason for the flat, but still replaced the tube.  He assured me that the rim tape was good and couldn’t locate any problem in the tire itself.  He fixed some cable adjustment issues and checked the bottom bracket and more.  I bought a spoke wrench and was still out the door under $110.  I won’t complain about that at all.

I also visited Bike Doctor, the other bike shop in town.  I tried on some Shimano shoes, trying to get an idea of fit and options.  It was there that I bought CO2 cartridges, a Continental Gatorskin Tire, and some toe warmers (to tide me over until the case I bought online is delivered).  When I got home, the new tire and a brand new tube were installed.  To the flat fairy: pick on someone else!  I also cleaned/degreased the new chain and used the Teflon lube I like rather than the quite sticky stuff Rob used.

I’m ready to ride in the morning.

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  1. rivercityweaves permalink

    I love my Gatorskins, and put 5000 miles on them so far this year….. without a single flat;0D Hope you have the same experience.

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