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SPP Christmas Light Ride

by on December 19, 2010

This Ride: 13.8 miles
Kona Distance: 5,407.6 miles
Month to date: 366.5 miles
2010 Total: 5,899 miles (101 to go for 6,000)

If anyone asks me to describe the coldest ride of the year, this ride wins hands down.  It was 33 degrees, at least 10 -15 degrees warmer than the coldest outdoor temperatures I’ve ridden in, but our leisurely pace meant I was shivering and my hands went numb in gloves that have kept them warm in much harsher conditions.  I even put the bike in the gear that would allow maximum revolutions of the pedal for minimum revolutions of the tires just to bump my heart rate up.  But now it sounds like I’m whining.

This was a fun ride.  About 18-20 people on bikes cruised the neighborhoods to look at Christmas light decorations at homes.  There were simple displays.  There were elaborate displays.  There were displays which caused us to scratch our helmeted heads in wonder about how the home owners accomplished what they did.  We spent about an hour in and out of these cul-du-sacs, and had a great time.  Once we tried singing a Christmas carol, but without music backup and lyrics, we were well out of our league.

I haven’t told you the next to the best part yet.  We decorated bikes.  There are battery operated lights, chemical light sticks, glow-in-the-dark necklaces and bracelets that were all used to light up our rides.  Clint took some photos and I’ve used some of them here.

The best part?  John & Janet opened their home, provided some food (as did others) and we had a good time for our post Christmas Light Ride gathering (pre-SPP Christmas party).

This has been dubbed “The First Annual Severna Park Peloton Christmas Light Ride”.  It was a hit!

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