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6000 Mile Goal Reached!

by on December 24, 2010

This Ride: 37.8 miles
Kona Distance: 5,508.9 miles
Month to date: 467.9 miles
2010 Total: 6,000.4 miles

6000 miles on the bike in 2010. That’s a pretty significant accomplishment for my first year of serious riding.  It wasn’t a goal I set early in the year, in fact, it was about November before I thought it might be possible.  My original goal in January was to ride consistently enough to justify the purchase of a bicycle and to complete a 100 mile ride in October. I had no idea then how low these goals really were.

Last night was the SPP Christmas party.  It was there that the plans for this morning’s rides were solidified.

The first part of the ride was the normal Saturday 6:00 am ride, the Solley Road Loop.  This is usually a very fast ride, and it was much faster than I’ve been going recently.  I was an anchor (read dead weight) slowing the group down this morning, but I don’t think that some of the other 5 riders minded too much.  Chip did a nice job slowing the crew down to my pace.  Still, it has been a while since I’ve had an above 18 mph average over 5 miles, and I had one of those this morning.  We ended that ride a bit early with most of the guys stopping at Java Divas for an espresso.  While waiting for the 7:30 ride to start we were shivering as our bodies cooled and the sweat conducted the heat away in 29  F temps.  Half a dozen of us rode some leisurely additional miles just to keep our blood moving while we waited.

Sixteen riders started out at the Rusty Bridge for the breakfast ride into Annapolis.  We picked up Bob C along the way for a 17 rider peloton down a pretty active B&A trail.  There were some icy spots we negotiated without mishap.  I just couldn’t take the time to eat with the group this morning, so I bid adieu at the south end of the trail and relished the last 7 miles to my 6000 mile goal.  At least that’s how I want to remember it.  The headwind was strong and it was a real effort to complete those final miles solo after such a good group ride this morning.

Next week?  Some breakfast rides are being planned!  Sounds like fun.


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  1. That’s simply an incredible number you just put up – congratulations! Your daily reports of rides in all weather conditions were very impressive and humbling to a newbie such as myself. I can only imagine what 2011 holds in store for you. Merry Christmas!


  2. Merry Christmas Earl! And Congratulations. I’m glad we got to ride some of those miles together.

  3. Congratulations Earl. 6,000 miles, several Century rides, 1/12th of the way to your R-12… you have had quite a year. Well Done!

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