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A Thursday Breakfast Ride

by on December 30, 2010

This Ride: 26.2 miles
Kona Distance: 5,591.8 miles
Month to date: 550.7 miles
2010 Total: 6,083.3 miles

Another simply beautiful morning, another very good breakfast ride.

This time 5 of us met at the Rusty Bridge and 4 rode in for breakfast.  We had promises of other riders, but even a delayed start didn’t help them join up.

It was an incident-free ride, good conversation, and good breakfast at the Hard Bean in Annapolis.  The sunrise was very pretty, and the view from the Naval Academy Bridge was once again spectacular.  There is indeed ice forming on the Severn River, suppressing the wave action.  Bryan took photos yesterday and I’m “borrowing” them here so you can see what we get to see early in the morning on our way back from Annapolis.

December Sunrise over the Severn River

December Sunrise over the Severn River

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