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First Ride of 2011

by on January 3, 2011

This Ride: 20.1 miles
Month: 20.1 miles
2011: 20.1 miles
Cumulative Total: 6,119.7 miles

After a series of decisions I regret this past weekend, I decided that despite the fact that this is a day off for me, I needed to ride with the 5:45 group.  The decisions weren’t that awful.  I didn’t ride New Year’s Day when it was in the mid 50s F, choosing to ride Sunday instead.  Sunday it rained most of the day, and I couldn’t find a window between activities when it wasn’t raining, so I didn’t ride.  I thought about skipping the early ride this morning and riding later in the day, but seeing how the weekend went, didn’t think that was the best choice either.

So, here I was, up at 4:45 am on a day when I don’t have to go to work.  It was about 29 F with a good stiff northerly breeze.  I was a little late getting out of the door because I put the fenders on, but still made it in time to ride with Clint, Bryan, and Dave.  The fenders were unnecessary, and I didn’t have them adjusted quite right, so they rubbed a little and were a constant source of irritation.

As dawn began to break, there was plenty of color in the sky.  It looks like it might be a pretty day.  Pretty enough for a second ride?  I’ll see.  It depends a great deal on how much I can get done at home.


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  1. Way to grind out a tough one!

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