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A fun ride in the dark

by on January 11, 2011

This Ride: 22.5 miles
Month: 169.2 miles
2011: 169.2 miles
Cumulative Total: 6,288.9 miles

Ok, there is nothing really special about riding in the dark. We do it every morning this time of year. By the time I’m back home, the sky is just starting to lighten. This group of riders knows how to adjust and ride in the dark. Having said that, I am looking forward to sunrises coming earlier. That should start to happen next week.

I got out of the house about 5 minutes early this morning, and so I took a different route to the Rusty Bridge.  I still got there a little early, so I added a little bit on the north end of the trail and then returned.  We had six riders this morning, and later Dan caught up with us.  He overslept, but since he lives at the south end of the trail, he has no trouble connecting with us on the route.

Bill set a quick pace at the start, and I hung with him.  He had an early morning appointment and didn’t want to be late for it.  I didn’t realize that Clint was on a fixie, and wasn’t sure until the turnaround why the rest of the group didn’t keep up with us.  Clint reigned us in, and we stuck together for the return trip.

It was a good morning, a good ride, and all of us were anxious to see how the forecast snow for today will impact not only tomorrow morning’s ride, but some of the other planned rides in the next week.  Dave was back from his Florida 200k, and didn’t disappoint any of us with his stories and recounting the ride.

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