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Mosey Monday For Sure

by on February 7, 2011

This Ride: 19.7 miles
Month: 76.9 miles
2011: 537.2 miles
Cumulative Total: 6,656.7 miles

It was a late night with the Super Bowl and the party we went to.  The alarm seemed very early, I had little energy, so I decided to roll over and go back to sleep.  But then, on automatic pilot, I got out of bed, got ready, and with very little enthusiasm rolled down the road to the Rusty Bridge for the 5:45 ride.  It was looking like I was going to be the only rider, which meant that I had a decision to make.  Do I ride or do I go home and go back to bed?  At 5:44 Dan arrived, with little fanfare and he too indicated that he thought he might be the only one out this morning.  Just as we were ready to push off, there were lights behind us.  Clint, Dave, and Bryan pulled up, we pushed off and soon met Chip.  We went from one to 6 in no time.  In short order Chip left the group to go home, saying he didn’t feel well.

The mood was subdued.  There wasn’t a lot of conversation (other than Dave).  We rode the regular route avoiding the south end of the trail.  Dan says it is a mess, full of debris, ice and mud.  No one pushed the pace (except I went fast on the one stretch I like to go fast on).  We did spot a fox crossing our path near the end of the ride.  It is nice to finish the ride in daylight.

This was one of those mornings we simply grind out the miles and ride because it is what we do.  I’m glad they are not all like this.

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