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What a Great Sunday Afternoon Ride

by on February 27, 2011

This Ride: 30.5 miles
Month: 453.9 miles
2011: 914 miles
Total since 1/1/10: 7,033.7 miles

The weather forecast for Monday morning is wet.  I was 26.5 miles short of my monthly goal of 450 miles.  The weather was forecast to be gorgeous and I had a rare Sunday afternoon off.  I put out the word that I would be riding at 2:15.  Clint, Bob, Brian, & Fran all showed up for a ride to Sandy Point.  It was great to be out.  I’m sorry for those from the SPP who missed the ride.  It was relatively quick and certainly enjoyable.

For me, I had not ridden this route for quite some time, and I was impressed at how the hills were not as tough as they were last fall.  Now, I still got my heart rate up to maximum at one point, but it felt really good, and the hills were not as slow as I remember them.  I had been wondering if I would see some strength from riding all winter.  I think the answer is … definitely.

I probably pressed the pace a little fast.  Clint is recovering from bronchitis & Fran was trying to recover from a hilly ride in Ellicott City, but this was fun … and temperatures were such that we had to ride fast to stay warm.

This put me over my monthly goal, and as of today I’m 130 miles over my pace for the 8,000 mile year.  I’m gearing up for a 200 k ride with SPP people this Saturday.  I hope the weather holds.

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  1. I had two things I wanted to accomplish today: had to deliver “Scouting for Food” donation bags with the Cub Scouts and get in a nice ride. Of course I set the plan to ride in the morning and do the scouting in the afternoon. My email to the other scouts’ families went out about 20 min before I saw your note.

    I did have a great ride this morning, just missed the chance to join you guys.

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