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Friendly Friday after 30 hours of rain

by on March 11, 2011

This Ride: 29.1 miles
Month: 228.3 miles
2011: 1,159.5 miles
Total since 1/1/10: 7,279.2 miles

Three days on the bike in the past 7 days. That’s not enough. I may see if I can get out tomorrow some.

We’ve had rain, up to about 2.5 – 3 inches of the wet stuff over the past 30 hours.  The forecast for this morning was no rain (even though there were a few sprinkles at 5:15) and the forecast held. You can tell that the riding itch is starting for those who did not get out much this winter. We had 10-11 riders out this morning (I have a hard time counting that many) for the 5:45 breakfast ride, with 9 riding into Annapolis. It was a pretty morning. We rode at a comfortable pace, had a lot of conversation going, and with that many people we often would talk to someone a few minutes, the positions would change, and soon you were talking with someone else. It was kind of like speed dating on bikes.

Breakfast at the Hard Bean was good.  The Fleche team has named themselves.  If I heard right, their team name is “Four guys and one other guy” (or something like that).  The Fleche is a 24 hour team ride of 360k (I think) with riders developing their own route to end up at the same finish point as others.  The last 25k has to be ridden in the last 2 hours. (It is possible I have some of these details wrong.)  That ride will happen in April.

We didn’t hang together very well on the way back.  The three on fixies stuck together, and the rest were out ahead.  I added a few extra miles at the end.  I though about adding at least 10-15 more, but simply decided to loop around back home to get some other tasks done today.

Fridays are always the highlight of my week.

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