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Just showing up

by on March 24, 2011

This Ride: 23.9 miles
Month: 450.9 miles
2011: 1,382.1 miles
Total since 1/1/10: 7,501.8 miles

Often, getting the miles and exercise time in is just a matter of showing up.  That’s what 5 of our regular riders did this morning.  It rained yesterday.  It rained hard at times.  It rained overnight.  There is rain in surrounding counties.  But it wasn’t raining here this morning and it was 40° F.  Going out the door I knew that there would be someone to ride with.  It was a  good morning.

We had an easy pace going, with a good deal of discussion about routes (in response the the bus near-miss) and the upcoming rides.  The DC Randonneurs are hosting a 200k brevet Saturday, and the forecast is calling for the possibility of wet weather.  The “Four Guys and Another Guy” team are also in the middle of planning their Fleche ride in mid April.  Just the logistics of that ride involves a good deal of planning.

We rode the trail and Old County Road route out this morning, avoiding the hill on Askewton Road.  We came back our regular route.  I added a little at the end just because I’m needing those miles in order to reach my goal of 550 miles for the month of March.  The moisture in the air really wasn’t too noticeable unless we were going fast, although it did take about 5 wipes of the glasses over the course of the morning to clear the water spots off the lenses.

I didn’t ride yesterday.  The forecast was for rain.  Tuesday night I did replace my rear tire.  I’m done with Gatorskins.  I’ve had more luck preventing flats with other tires.  I installed a Continental 4 Season tire and a new tube.

Breakfast Ride tomorrow!

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  1. You are correct in your comment about getting miles in by just showing up. In many ways when you show up, you are over half-way done.

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