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A chilly spring morning

by on April 22, 2011

This Ride: 51.8 miles
Month: 465.6 miles
2011: 1,949.4 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 8,069.1 miles

It was another Friendly Friday for the Severna Park Peloton. We had a good group out on a chilly 43° F morning.  The usual characters were present, except for a couple who are out of town.  Seven ate at the Hard Bean and Mike B met friends at Chick & Ruth’s.  This was the first chance some in the group had opportunity to hear the stories of this year’s epic Flèche, and so the stories were told again without much embellishment.

Following breakfast, I met Mike B and we cycled together as he commuted to work.  It is always nice to ride with Mike.  As he peeled off to hit the old salt mine, I continued on around the airport and directly back home with one quick stop at a Royal Farms (convenience store) to pick up some more fluids.  I had started the morning with just 2/3 of a water bottle full of water and that wasn’t enough for this breezy morning.  The Royal Farms near Baltimore Washington Medical Center is pretty interesting mid-morning.  It was busy.  I was the only one in line not buying cigarettes, coffee, and pre-packaged donuts.  They looked disapproving at me in my cycling gear and I returned the favor with their cigarettes.  Self-righteousness goes both ways.

With this ride over 50 miles, I’ve just made the monthly goal within a much easier reach.  Without Mike this morning, I probably would have put in only half the distance.  Just 75-85 miles next week before riding OC-12, and I’ll meet my goal.  With good weather on Monday (a day off), I can probably get at least half those miles.

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