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This really felt good

by on May 3, 2011

This Ride: 22.7 miles
Month: 41.8 miles
2011: 2,249.2 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 8,368.9 miles

“Terrible Tuesday” is the SPP moniker for the day.  It promises to be fast and spirited.  I fully expect to have some good anaerobic workout on these days.  I was not disappointed.  Seven of us met at the Rusty Bridge, and almost immediately … it was on.

I was tight on the tire of the bike ahead of me, knowing that if I got dropped I’d never get back on.  I noticed that Mike C was off the back.  As it turns out, he dropped a chain even before we started, and was delayed by that.  On Old County, I opted to skip the hill in Round Bay, and served myself up as the “rabbit” for the chase group.  Once again, as I did last week, I pushed it hard, determined not to get caught before the end of the trail.  Once again, as I did last week, I made it to the end of the trail before the others arrived, but not by a whole lot.  I started the return with the group, but after meeting Mike going the other way, I slowed, stopped, and waited for him to ride back with.  We still had a good pace going, but nothing like the others.

It was on the way back that “this really felt good”.  I felt strength in my legs.  I wasn’t gasping for breath.  It just felt stronger to me.  It was as though I was just warmed up enough for a bike ride.  That’s a nice feeling.

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