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A Pretty Thursday Between Gasps

by on May 12, 2011

This Ride: 23.5 miles
Month: 266.6 miles
2011: 2,474.1 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 8,593.8 miles

When I drug myself out of bed this morning I was convinced I was going to ride about 10 mph, crash into a tree, and be found about noon collapsed under said tree in a heap of nondescript humanity.  The fatigue was so overwhelming I was already planning a nap for later in the day.  On automatic pilot, I pulled on the same clothing (can’t we just add 5 degrees to the morning temperatures, please) and rolled out the door.  I chose a lesser used route just to see if I could wake myself up, and rolled to the Rusty Bridge with about 6 miles on the Garmin.  (The Rusty Bridge is 1.5 miles from my house.)

We had 6 riders out this morning and to call it a group ride would be generous.  We started out as a group.  At the Ranger Station, Dave turned to ride Jennings Road, which has been torn up for repaving.  The rest of us stayed straight on the trail (after a near collision in a fit of confusion).  We hammered down the trail at around 22-25 mph with Dan and Ben leading the pace.  As they turned to go into Round Bay, I stayed straight on Old County Road.  I saw a fox crossing the road.  We’ve seen fox 2-3 times a week recently.  I kept my heart rate between 150 & 160 for the most part, and was caught by both Dan and Ben on the trail well before the end of the trail.  I overheard Dan telling Ben that when he passed Ben on the bridge, he was doing 27 mph.  Dan was in racing mode this morning.

We semi-gathered at the end of the trail for the return trip, but soon were pretty strung out.  I had a noise on the bike with each pedal stroke that I tried to get some help with diagnosis during our slower bits.  Later, back on the trail, I checked in with Bryan and he rightfully told me that the noise was coming from the front wheel, not the pedals or bottom bracket.  I tightened the front skewer at the Ranger Station, and the sound went away.  There has been a rattle in the rear of the bike that has also confused me.  When I got home, I discovered a broken spoke on the rear wheel, and will get that taken care of today.

It was a nice, fast morning.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, even with the significant effort.  I’m not planning a nap now, and I think I’ll make it through the day.

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