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Another Mosey Monday

by on May 16, 2011

This Ride: 21.8 miles
Month: 320.5 miles
2011: 2,528.0 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 8,647.7 miles

A thunderstorm rumbled through last night, soaking everything and weighing down the trees with waterlogged leaves.  Most of the road surfaces mostly dried overnight, but puddles and low-hanging branches graced our ride this morning.  Seven of us were out for a good ride.  We talked about my RAAM Crew Training Weekend (that will be another post), upcoming rides, and caught up with our goings on.  Brian (the Commodore) told us about his Triathalon, with a pretty strong finish.

Jennings Road is now paved, waiting for a dry day for the topcoat.  It was truly a Mosey Monday as we kept the pace down and simply enjoyed the ride.  I’m noticing that I’m stronger on the rollers, able to take them quicker by almost 2 mph over earlier this year.  I may have to develop a plan to tackle the larger, steeper hills to improve there.  They still are my downfall.

Clint developed a flat at the south end of the trail, and was disappointed with his slow 5 minute tube change.  This ride was one of those rides where large sections of the ride are invisible to my memory now.  I don’t recall certain sections of the route … the morning was so dominated by conversation and camaraderie.

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  1. All of the weekend posts to Randy’s blog sounded very encouraging re. crew work and meeting expectations for the weekend. Looking forward to your summary.

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