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If it is raining at 4:30 am …

by on May 17, 2011

This Ride: 25 miles
Month: 345.6 miles
2011: 2,553.0 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 8,672.7 miles

… don’t assume that it will be raining at 5:45 am. I woke at 4:30 and it was pouring buckets outside. Checking the radar I could see that it was an isolated cell moving north and there were rain-free skies behind it. I resolved to ride even though it would have been very easy to stay in bed. I’m way behind in miles to reach my goal this month, and I can’t afford another day off the bike with the forecast for more rain this week and Friday off the bike because of early commitments. I was prepared to ride alone if necessary.

I shouldn’t have been concerned.  Dave arrived a little early.  Dan came steadily up the trail, and soon after we pushed off, we were joined by Ben.  The four of us all had rain gear, which served well to keep the rain at bay.  Dan admired the new pavement on Jennings Road.  We can hardly wait for the top coat to be applied.  There were puddles in all the puddle places.  Our group split in Round Bay, with Dave and Ben off the front and Dan and I riding a more comfortable pace (for me).  In Round Bay, we did ride through several inches of standing water, but kept our feet dry.  Soon there was enough distance between the lead group and Dan & I that we just settled in to talking and riding.

The last hill into Severna Park (on B&A Blvd) is now my “test” section.  I stayed seated and kept above 19 mph on this hill.  I recall when 16 mph was as much as I could muster up that hill.  I’m resolving to use that short, easy hill to full advantage in coming weeks.  It serves as a short, nearly invisible interval along the ride.

As we approached the end of the ride, we found Ben along side the road changing a flat on the new paved section of Jennings Road.  He claimed that the flat started before Jennings Road.  Dave was still with him, but didn’t seem to be offering much in the way of assistance other than a running commentary.  Within minutes Ben was reassembled, and we all finished the ride to our homes solo in the lightest of sprinkles.

It was a good ride, without hard effort, still averaging 17 mph along the usual course.

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