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Vacation Starts Today

by on May 23, 2011

These Rides: 46.9 miles
Month: 415.5 miles
2011: 2,622.9 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 8,742.6 miles

What is the best way to start vacation?  Get up at 4:45 a.m., ride bikes with friends, come home to see the spouse off to work, go for another ride and later ride once more to get a professional bike fitting.  I think I’m done riding for the day.

This morning’s ride was deja vu all over again (that’s redundant, isn’t it?).  We had showers roll through after 3:00 a.m., but by 5:30 the rain had stopped and we had another dry ride.  Five of us were out, and it was a pretty easy pace.  We saw Mike B. on his commute to work.  He was going in much too early.  I hope he dodges the weather later today … thunderstorms are in the forecast.  Clif filled us in on the 400k he rode Saturday, and Dave filled us in on his 200k ridden yesterday.  It was a nice morning, and only 1 near squirrel incident.

I stopped back by the house to see Lori off to work and grabbed a quick bite to eat before pushing off once again.  I decided to ride a few hills, so I went into Round Bay and climbed Asquithview three times, then traveled down to Ben Oban for one loop.  I was getting bored, so I proceeded back home, and got there by 9:00 a.m.

I had a 1:00 p.m. bike fitting appointment with Bike Doctor, so I rode the 3 1/2 miles there.  In about 45 minutes, I had my leg angles measured and the bike adjusted.  My seat was raised about 1 cm.  I had a new stem put on that was 1 cm shorter than the one I had on the bike.  My seat was moved back 1 cm.  Steve took the time to make sure that it was all done right, and that I felt comfortable.  He was willing to adjust the nose of the seat and the angle of the bars different than he thought was right, based on my comfort level and feedback.  As I rode back home, I could tell that something was different.  It tweaked my muscles a little differently, and believe it or not the 1 cm height difference is noticeable.  I’ll need to definitely get some miles in before my longer ride at the end of this week, or I could be suffering.

I am now terribly far behind in miles for the month and not where I want to be for my miles for the year to date.  Two weeks off the bike in June is going to hurt me further in these goals.  I need 200 miles by the end of the month to hold my own for my annual goal, and 385 miles to meet my monthly goal.  I can see 360 being possible, so maybe I will come close.  June simply will be a bust, and I’ll have to catch up during the rest of the year.

My plan is a 200k on Friday.  We have our annual Memorial Day ride to Sweet Sue’s on Monday on which I can get another 100 miles riding from my house.  June 2nd I’ll be riding to Ocean City.  That’s a full week of riding!

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