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It simply must be an addiction

by on May 26, 2011

This Ride: 21 miles
Month: 512.6 miles
2011: 2,720.1 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 8,839.8 miles

There were two things that got me out this morning, and two things only. (1) Mike B said he was riding. I like riding with Mike. (2) I decided to try the morning ride with the saddle level to see if it helped hand numbness and whether or not I could ride with the saddle in that position on the 200k tomorrow. Originally I wasn’t going to ride so that I had a rest day.  I guess I’ll get some rest over the weekend.

The morning was warm (71°F) and humid.  We had about a dozen riders out, and at least 4 of us took a leisurely pace, skipping the hill in Round Bay and simply holding our own pace, even when challenged by the other faster riders.  The experiment went well.  I have a little residual numbness in my hands remaining from yesterday, but it didn’t get worse.  No problem with the man bits.  My rear end does need to get accustomed to this new seat position, but that shouldn’t take too long.  My rear end feels like it did when I switched saddles a few months ago.  When did 17 mph avg. get to be a leisurely pace?

Today, among the other tasks is to prep the bike for tomorrow’s ride.  It looks like we will have 4 of us riding.  It should be a good day.  One rider thinks I’m crazy.  I’ll ride the 200k, and then, since it is my wedding anniversary tomorrow, I’ll get off the bike, get showered, and then Lori and I will go out for dinner in Baltimore.  After all, it is only a 200k, right?

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  1. The bike fit project is very interesting to me and it reminds me of when I was fitted for my bike. The LBS initially had the seat further back (like yours is now) and adjusted it forward from this “optimal” position because I felt like I was reaching too much. Pushing the seat forward gave me a more upright position that was more comfortable for me.

    Raising the seat a full cm is also interesting to me because I attempted a less aggressive adjustment myself and quickly experienced pain behind both knees. It took me about three weeks to figure out the source was the seat height (thanks to a comment on my blog) and when I pushed it back down the pain went away.

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