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Near Maximum Effort

by on July 6, 2011

This Ride: 31.8 miles
Month: 205.6 miles
2011: 3,575.6 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 9,695.3 miles

Wicked Wednesday saw at least 9 riders out but those 9 really didn’t ride much together.

I started with an extra few miles, not only to get my legs warmed up for the effort, but also because I need to get a minimum of 30 miles a day in to reach my monthly goal.  After meeting up at the Rusty Bridge, we started off easy, gradually picking up the pace for the first couple of miles.  When we got to Round Bay, at least 4 of us stayed on Old County Road.  I hung with Brian (Commodore) forming a two person break away that was successful to the end of the trail.  We kept the speed up over 20 mph as much as we could, sometimes seeing 24.  We had to soft pedal at one place as a deer ran across the trail.  Dave P. grumbled about the “cheaters”winning the sprint, but that’s not a given, since it has been over a month since I’ve been able to beat the main group to the end of the trail.  I’ve gotten faster, but so have the others.

Coming back, Jim K and I hung together at a more reasonable pace, including waiting for a dropped rider at Glen Oban.  As we pulled back, we discussed the possibility of including a loop option for interval training.  We discussed the possibility of a 2 mile+ loop, but are still looking for options.  We will float the idea to the group at some point.

Once I split from Jim, I tried one of the possible loops, then powered up the hill past my house to do one more loop using B&A Blvd behind my home, then eased off as I approached the finish.  I was drenched in sweat.  I may have to wash the bike because the sweat was accumulating on the top bar and dripping onto the chain.  It was a good training ride.

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