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This was an interesting Friday Ride

by on July 8, 2011

This Ride: 60.5 miles
Month: 295.9 miles
2011: 3,665.9 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 9,785.6 miles (inching toward 10,000)

Some days have more interesting events than others. This was an interesting day.

We had 9-10 riders out for the 5:45 ride this morning, including Janet.  The last time Janet rode with us, there was “The Great Squirrel Incident”(TM).  Janet doesn’t disappoint.  After sticking to the trail through most of our usual turnouts due to a leadout veteran rider back with us new after a hiatus, Janet flatted.  It is amazing how a bike tire can pick up a staple and bring the mighty bicycle to an inglorious stop.  A quick tube change as we start dripping sweat in the 80%+ humidity, and back we go on our way.  At least 3 turned back at the end of the trail and missed the excitement in Annapolis.

As we made our final turn toward Hard Bean, we traveled through some orange cones which we thought were related to the renovations going on at Market House.  As we move through, some workers try to get our attention to stop, but instead draw our attention to Main Street where police have the street blocked.  Lincoln was shooting a car commercial on Main Street.  We watched for a little while, and will be curious whether or not the commercial will use the shots taken going the right way or the wrong way on Main Street.  One cop joked that now they were going to have to shoot the commercial over on Saturday because some bicyclists got in the shot.  We commented back that no one got our permission to mess up our regular Friday morning ride into Annapolis.  Store owners got $100 for the inconvenience of delayed deliveries and later openings.  What about our group?

We had a nice ride back from Annapolis after breakfast outdoors.  I continued on around the river, crossing the finish line for RAAM in Crownsville for the first time since the race ended nearly 2 weeks ago.  It was a nice ride, although warm and I dripped sweat all the way along the route.  I finished strong with 60 miles on the morning.  I’m on track for my 900 mile month.

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