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An easy short ride and some maintenance

by on July 14, 2011

This Ride: 22.9 miles
Month: 448.2 miles
2011: 3,818.2 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 9,937.9 miles (inching toward 10,000)

There were not as many out this morning for the 5:45 ride. By the time we were moving down the trail, we had 7 riders. The pace was a bit easier than yesterday, so I decided to ride the hill in Round Bay, and that is exactly where I lost connection with the lead group and rode with Chip who was gracious enough to ride with me. I just couldn’t get the speed I had yesterday, and I had no desire to extend the ride, so I decided to rest a bit and gather the miles tomorrow.  It was actually on the verge of chilly this morning with 68 degrees F, with a northerly breeze and much lower humidity.

I took the time to do some much needed maintenance.  My chain and cassette really needed to be cleaned, and it was so bad that it took quite a while.  My rear tire was also getting a little flat on the part that contacts the road, and after inspecting it I noticed the cord showing through at one point, and another place where the rubber was cut to the cord.  I probably did that when I locked up the rear wheel on yesterday’s ride.  I changed the tire.  I’m riding Continental 4 Season (700 X 23) and have been very happy with them.  The rear tire had about 2500 miles on it.  Previously I rode a Gatorskin and had 1900 miles on that tire when I changed it.  I’ve ridden 3200 miles (5 months) without a rear flat.

My front tire still is showing some tread after 3500 miles.  I’ll continue to ride it another 500-1000 miles before I replace it … unless it develops flats too.  This tire has not had a flat since I installed it 6 months ago.  I know it is supposed to be bad luck to comment about lack of flats, but I’m pleased with this stretch of good fortune.

My chain is starting to show some wear.  It is getting close to time to replacement time.  I’ve ridden 4300 miles on this chain.

Break pads are good.

So, the Kona got a bath, new rubber, and the chain & cassette are bright and shiny.

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  1. You may have noted a few weeks ago that I was surprised to learn that most chains are supposed to wear out within 1,600-2,000 miles. You got excellent performance! What kind of chain are you using?

    • ponderingpastor permalink

      Sorry for the delay in approving the comment. I read it and began my own investigation. Everyone I consult tells me I’m doing it wrong. Here is how the numbers are working for me. 5000 miles on a chain requires a replacement of the cassette also, I’m told. Usual chain replacement is 1200-1500 miles. If I go with 1500 miles, and 3 chains before replacing a cassette, then I’m still replacing a cassette at 4500 – 5000 miles, but I’ve paid for 2 additional chains compared to my plan. I purchased a chain measuring tool (since people slowly shake their heads at me when I say I measure 10 links and replace the chain when it gets to be 10 1/8 inches long. I’ll be playing with this as we go forward. I’ve scheduled a chain (and probably cassette) replacement for Thursday. I do notice my drive chain is getting a little noisy.

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