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A Two Ride Morning

by on July 27, 2011

These 2 Rides: 50.8 miles
Month: 825.6 miles
2011: 4,195.5 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 10,315.2 miles

I commented to Lori last night that I’m tired … getting these miles in is starting to take some of the fun out of riding.  But I’ve got this goal this month.  I’m less than 75 miles from the goal.  (Mike is watching me and will likely sneak in more miles than me just to snatch away the SPP July mile prize.)

Today consisted of two rides.  The first was Wicked Wednesday.  At the start, Dave said something that was terribly deflating to me about yesterday’s effort.  He said yesterday should have been billed as Timid Tuesday since his heart rate never got above 105 on what seemed to me to be a Terribly Tuesday fast pace.  I pushed it again this morning, not quite as hard, and then dropped back at Glen Oban on the route north to pick up a dropped rider.  We talked some.  He is relatively new to the club and has just joined RUSA and had a lot of questions.  It made it a much more enjoyable ride.  The fast part of the ride was fun too.  Riding in excess of 30 mph in a paceline has its own rush.

After the Wicked Wednesday ride, I came home for a couple of hours, then set off again on some errands that I could do by bike and put in the miles in a more interesting way.  I stopped at the Severna Park branch of Bank of America, continued on to Koons Toyota in Annapolis, then to Annapolis BMW before coming back home.  At each place, I was given the opportunity to talk about cycling and of course people were amazed not only that I was doing the errands on a bike, but also that the route was about 30 miles for those errands.  Most people could see a bike for an errand of less than a mile, but to go nearly 30 and to a completely different town just befuddles people.  That makes it even more fun.

The reason for these automotive related trips?  This week I purchased a 2004 Alpine White BMW 330ci convertible for Lori.  We traded in the Seabring.  I was dropping off the title to the Seabring and obtaining a duplicate key for the new (to us) car.  All of that fit into the cycling jersey pockets quite easily.

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