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Well, this was a wet one

by on August 3, 2011

This Ride: 54.6 miles
Month: 178.7 miles
2011: 4,453.1 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 10,572.8 miles

The overnight thunderstorms didn’t materialize.  Jim K & Mike B emailed last night that they intended an easy spin for this morning, and I latched on to that hard.  Mike then emailed early this morning that his legs said “no ride today”so it was down to Jim and I.  We didn’t see Jim from the Rusty Bridge at the appointed time, so the 4 of us gathered took off, with Mike C. and I riding easy.  Jim caught us by the time we got to Old County, and so the rest of the morning ride was at a nice conversational pace spinning easy.  We did get to see a doe with a spotted fawn this morning.

After the usual ride, I decided to go around the river.  Skies were somewhat threatening, but everyone assured me I’d be fine.  Near Crownsville at mile 32, the skies opened up and the rain came down steadily.  I was either in rain or very, very wet streets (water running in the streets) for most of the rest of the ride.  I loved it (for the most part).  The water was cooler than the air temperature, so that felt good.  The spray off the back tire was actually a little refreshing where it hit me.  My shoes did feel a little soggy, and my hands suffered some from wet gloves, but other than that, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

I really took it easy on the ride.  I kept my heart rate in an easy range, and that sure helped with my attitude.  My legs felt tired by the end of the ride, but even my legs would not have complained about more miles this morning.  But there are things to do and errands to run, so I made my way home, stripped off wet and sandy clothing directly into the washing machine, showered, and I’m ready for the day.  I’ll degrease and lube the drive chain later this afternoon.

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