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Posting would be easier if I didn’t have to work

by on September 29, 2011

These Rides: 76.6 miles
Month: 742.6 miles
2011: 5,860 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 11,979.7 miles

Yes, I’ve been riding.  With early morning meetings, I’ve had time to get off the bike, get cleaned up, and get to work.  There has been very little time to post anything about the rides.

Tuesday: With rain threatening and a very light mist in the air, the morning ride was very humid and downright dangerous.  I was wiping my lenses frequently just to be able to see.  I nearly clipped the rear end of a white truck because it was invisible to me in the conditions.  I still had a quick ride and felt it in my legs all day.  21.6 miles

Wednesday: Some of us took a slower pace on Wednesday.  I nearly didn’t go out.  My legs and whole body was quite fatigued.  I told Lori Tuesday night that I didn’t think I was going to ride.  She asked why not … and then Mike B. emailed and said he was riding the 5:46 ride (slower ride) and was looking for company.  There is nothing like the people around you not allowing the excuses to win.  Thanks!  23.7 miles.

Thursday: Another slower day.  I have a lot of residual fatigue.  I was able to ride a few extra miles before the beginning of the ride and really enjoyed the company of Mike B & Mike C.  I even added some extra miles at the end of the ride.  31.3 miles.

Which places me exactly 57.4 miles short of my goal of 800 miles for the month with one day remaining.  I’m not sure I’ll ride the fixie that whole distance tomorrow or not.  Stay tuned.


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