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Catching up before my epic weekend

by on October 14, 2011

It has been a week since I last posted.  It has not been a week since I last rode.  I went to the Doctor on Monday morning (after my ride) and received a prescription for antibiotics.  I had developed bronchitis, and since the big weekend was coming up I wanted to be as well as possible.  Time and medicine has done the trick.

My numbers for the 4 days ridden this week:

This Week: 86.6 miles
Month: 160.9 miles
2011:6,080.6 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 12200.3 miles

Not a strong week on the surface, but you gotta give a guy a break.  Not only was I recovering from bronchitis, but there was weather and some significant accomplishments this week.

The rides included:

Mosey Monday – an enjoyable easy pace on the fixie

Terrible Tuesday – where I intended to ride easy, but averaged 17.7 mph for the entire ride and had my best average time yet up my little sprint hill, doing 25.5 mph.  When I told Lori, she said, “Up hill?”  Yes.

Wet Wednesday – Only 3 of us turned out for a ride in light rain which improved to simply wet surfaces.  We didn’t push the pace.  I rode the fixie.

Tepid Thursday – After calling out the other members of the peloton for not riding on Wednesday, we had 8 riders out Thursday in a steady drizzle to light rain.  I rode the fixie again, and although it was an easy pace, my legs were sore after the ride.

Which brings us to today.  This will be a prep day for me.  The original forecast for the day was clear and comfortable, but now rain is forecast off an on all day.  I got up early, took Lori to work, then immediately went to work cleaning the Kona’s frame and drive train (in the dark) for tonight’s ride.  I’ll change at least the front tire (5500 miles on it), get the drive chain lubed, and otherwise prepare the bike for this weekend’s rides.

As a recap, we start at 7:00 pm for our 200k ride, expecting to finish in the wee hours of the morning.  Half of us will then drive 45 minutes to Salisbury for the Seagull Century and ride 102 miles starting at 7:00 am.  I’ve done this distance before in two days.  This time, it will be less than one day.  I’m excited and doing everything I can to pack only what I anticipate needing for the conditions.  I’ve got the lights figured out as our 200k will be entirely in the dark.  I’ll try to get a nap in today and bank a little rest.

And so I begin.  I’ll let you know on the other side how it went.

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