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Another Wonderful Friday Ride with Friends

by on October 21, 2011

This Ride: 33 miles
Month: 484.9 miles
2011: 6,404.6 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 12524.3 miles

We may have seen the weather turn to fall now. Temperatures were in the upper 40° F range as we set out this morning for Friendly Fixie Friday.  On the way to the Rusty Bridge, I encountered deer three times.  First there was a trio of deer that crossed within a dozen feet ahead of me.  Later a single buck crossed 20 yards ahead.  Then minutes later, another buck crossed within 10 feet of me.  It reminded me of the Wallops Island ride.  I was solo and did not get to share this experience with anyone else.

There were four fixies, and 5 other riders this morning, with 6 riders and Jeff (driving in) for breakfast.  We lingered, laughed, talked with George the crossing guard, got served complementary carrot cake, and pushed out of the Hard Bean pretty late.  The sunrise was very pretty with deep, deep reds.  On the way back, soon it was only three fixie riders on the trail after Severn Way.  Once we got to the Rusty Bridge again, I continued on while Clint and Bryan turned for home.  I rode up to the hospital to pick up the car Lori drove in to work since I’ll be picking her up later.  It is quite a challenge finding a car in the parking lot/garage without knowing where it will be.

Looking for a car I didn't park ... and losing GPS in the parking garage.

It was a nice morning to be out.  I still have quite some deep fatigue.  I’ll miss the Ocean City Rides this weekend due to a wedding.  Good luck to the many riders, most of whom have never ridden this route before.

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