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Winding Down November

by on November 30, 2011

This Ride: 22.1 miles
Month: 524 miles
2011: 7,069.5 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 13189.2 miles

November is in the books and although I surpassed my goal for the month, 8,000 miles on the year is a long way away.

Last evening Dan and I put out a call for riders and this morning we had 7.  That is a safer number, especially when we hit the roadways.  Our headlights are often intimidating to oncoming traffic and it is enough taillights to get really noticed when vehicles approach from the rear.  I’m curious enough about what it looks like from the rear when we move from two abreast to single file when we notice an approaching car that I’ll likely get out sometime in a car to see it for myself.

Several riders are anticipating a 200k this weekend … “The Last Train to Clarksburg”.  It is sounding like there will be a good group.  We had more discussion about our planned Boxing Day ride, and I’ll do some research today to explore ride options and willingness of route owners to remain flexible with us.  We will register for several different rides early, then as the date approaches, we can decide based on the weather.  Some of the routes run over roads that may not be cleared until days after a heavy snow.  Yes, it’s getting that time of year again when cold and snow will figure into the equations.

I took the Kona in to the Bike Doctor yesterday and talked to them about replacing my bottom bracket and refurbishing the rear hub.  Since a bottom bracket needs to be ordered, I’ll take the Kona in when I pick up the fixie so I’ll not be without a bike to ride.  Now there’s an advantage to having at least two bikes!

[Technical Language Translation: A “bottom bracket” is the part that is essentially the axle between the pedals.  It runs through the frame, houses bearings, and is a critical moving component of the bicycle.]

I also learned today that I am considered a “core member” of the Severna Park Peloton.  I’ve thought of myself that way for a while now, but it is nice to have it affirmed by others.

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