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Is it really Wednesday already?

by on December 21, 2011

Despite the crunch and demands on my time as we move toward Christmas (or maybe because of it), I’ve still been riding.  As you know, I’ve been less successful at putting up ride reports.

Miles logged this week include:

  • Monday = 21.9
  • Tuesday = 21.4
  • Wednesday = 21.5

As you can see from the miles, I’ve been riding the 5:45 ride as usual.  Attendance has ranged from 4 to 10.  It has been good to get out.  I do notice that people are quieter this week.  When I mentioned it, one rider simply commented that he was tired.  Not another word was said.

In other Severna Park Peloton Cycling news:

  • Our annual Holiday Party was held on Saturday evening at Clint’s house.  Nearly 70 people were in attendance.  Clint received a surprise award as Tête de Peloton.  Bryan N received the cyclist of the year award.
  • Our annual Christmas Light Ride was held on Sunday evening, followed by dinner and conversation at John & Janet’s home.  About 20 riders were out to see the lights.
  • SPP now has three full Flèche teams in place for the DC Rand Flèche April 14-15.  I’m captain of the second team.  This should be good.
  • Friday, some of us are riding to Red Canoe in Baltimore for breakfast.
  • Our Boxing Day (December 26) Ride (205k) is on with at least 5 riders.
  • We are planning a January 2 ride (another 200k).

As I look to the end of the month, and the end of the year I’ve got revised goals.  I want to end the year with at least 7,650 miles and 7,700 miles is not out of the question.

Month: 353.1 miles
2011: 7,422.6 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 13542.3 miles


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