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December Red Canoe Ride

by on December 23, 2011

This Ride: 70.2 miles
Month: 444.7 miles
2011: 7,514.2 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 13633.9 miles

Well, this was an interesting day …

It was all fixie, all the time.  I started with the 5:45 ride this morning, and evidently shamed Clint into not only riding the fixie but also riding 5:45.  There was a later ride planned for breakfast at the Red Canoe, but I wanted some extra miles and the earlier ride seemed perfect for it.  We had a nice early ride, and as planned, arrived at the Rusty Bridge in time to meet up for the longer ride into Baltimore.  This is when plans changed rapidly.

As we waited for others to arrive, we noticed a light on the trail south of us, then it was gone.  Here, let me allow Chip to describe what happened.

Just a brief description of the event and how it happened.  I knew I was pressing the time limit, so I opted to take the trail so they would see me coming.  Unfortunately, before leaving the house I made a decision to wear only my sunglasses and thinking it would transition to light very soon.   I could see light on the horizon.  Unfortunately, it didn’t give me much visibilty and  I was pretty much up to full speed when I hit the orange plastic fence.  The bike stopped right there, but I kept going.   l landed on the base of my spine so I’m pretty sure I did a complete 360 in the air.  If I had been a little farther right, I would have landed in the hole and who knows how bad it could have been.  So, I actually feel lucky in some way.  Unfortunately, I’ll miss a few rides.

The plastic fence Chip refers to is a construction fence put up along the trail to keep people out of a hole washed out by heavy rain earlier in the year.  The “hole” is a section of the bike path that is gone, and is about 8 feet deep.  Clint called Chip to give him grief about not showing up for the ride and Chip squeeked out that he had crashed.  Three of us made our way to Chip, evaluating his injuries, calling his wife to pick him up, and assisting him down the trail to a place where he could get into the car.  It took at least a full minute to disentangle his bike from the fence.  Thirty minutes later, we started our trek into the city.

We got into Baltimore with minimal problems (although Ravi might describe it differently).  We connected with Theresa and Gardiner.  Gardiner showed us a better route to the Red Canoe and Theresa served as tour guide, telling us all about the different buildings and sites we passed.  Breakfast at the Red Canoe was great, as described.  I had a breakfast burrito, which was excellent and the envy of those who ordered only muffins (although these are great muffins!).  Soon we were back on our way south, with Gardiner taking us down a very enjoyable route.  All of us agreed that this route was much better than any we had taken to the Red Canoe before.

Soon, but much later than planned, we were back home and I had accomplished my longest ever ride on the fixie, with 70 miles.  My Achilles Tendon was complaining loudly, but some preventive taping minimized the trauma.  It really hurt on the high cadence downhills.

All told, 12 people participated in the ride, although only six of us rode the whole route.  I had the camera for video and stills, and will figure out how to post some of that later.

It was a nice day on the bike!

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