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End of 2011 Review & 2012 Goals

by on December 30, 2011

As the New Year approaches, I reviewed the goals I set for 2011.

  1. 2011 mileage goal = 8,000
  2. Days riding = 240
  3. Longest Ride = 186.5 miles or 300k
  4. Number of rides over 100 miles = 9
  5. Time on a bike = whatever it takes
  6. Highest 30 day distance = 1000 miles
  7. Highest 7 day distance = 350 miles
  8. For the blog, more photos, more reviews, more of what I’ve learned and ride reports.

One failure of mine was to not review these goals more often.  I recalled only three of these goals (1, 3, & 8).  If you don’t remember a goal, it is pretty hard to meet it.

So, how did I do?

  1. 8,000 miles: Goal missed.  The unanticipated two weeks off the bike for RAAM is the biggest factor in missing this goal.  I’m still pleased with over 26% increase in miles compared to 2010.  Total miles ridden in 2011 = 7, 715
  2. Days riding: Goal missed.  I forgot about this one.  I actually rode fewer days in 2011 than 2010.  I rode 210 days.
  3. Longest Ride: Goal surpassed!  The Wallops Island Ride/Seagull Century combination ride netted me 227.4 miles in about 20.5 hours.  That’s almost 22% more than the goal.
  4. Number of rides over 100 miles: Goal surpassed!  Fourteen rides were over 100 miles.  When setting the goal at the end of last year, I had not decided to work toward the R-12.
  5. Time on a bike: 456 hours 26 minutes moving.  Stopped time is not included.  That’s 113 hours longer than 2010.
  6. Highest 30 day distance: Goal missed.  I made 974.8.  I forgot this was a goal.
  7. Highest 7 day distance: Goal missed.  I made 337.9.  I forgot this was a goal.
  8. Blog goals: Mixed.

So, adding it up, I failed.  Wrong!  These were lofty goals and they helped guide my riding (when I remembered them).  The goals had me riding some days when I didn’t really want to.  In other words, the goals served their purpose.  They stretched me and made me a better rider.

Unexpected Accomplishments

I learned a lot about riding and especially long-distance riding this year.  Between crewing for Randy in the Race Across America (RAAM) and achieving the R-12 Award the experience points are huge.  I have done a nice job learning the hydration and food strategies on these longer distance rides.

Welcome to Fixie Land!  I purchased a fixie this year and have discovered some new challenges.  As a result, I also learned more about bicycle maintenance, component needs, and component quality.  The fixie inserted an added element of challenge and fun into my riding.

2012 Goals

  1. Distance Goal = 7,500 miles.  Yes, this is lower than 2011, but the greatest unknown I have early in the year is foot surgery on January 6th.  My doctor says at least 4 weeks off the bike, then only on the trainer for at least 2 weeks.  (I think I’ve mentioned that I hate the trainer.)
  2. Longest Ride = Successful completion of the Flèche (at least 360k).  I’ve done the distance before, but the Flèche is a whole different animal.  It will take place April 14-15, no matter the weather.
  3. Randonneruing = I’d like to complete an R-24.  The surgery in early January is scheduled such that I might be able to squeeze in a February 200k by the end of the month if the healing goes well.  I believe the R-24 depends completely on the February ride.
  4. Blog = I want this to be much more than a simple ride report blog.  I’m still working out that vision.
  5. Maintenance = This is hard to quantify, but I want to do even more of my own maintenance.  The gift of a maintenance stand at Christmas will make this a whole lot easier.
  6. Have fun = The most important goal of all!

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  1. Rev, I admire the goals and for me, putting an honest effort means a large measure of success for the year. I look forward to your blog this next year and watching it all unfold. Regards, Ron

  2. Congratulations on another great year! I’m looking forward to 2012 and your assault on more cycling milestones.

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