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Doctor Visit: 26 days post surgery

by on February 1, 2012

When I’m not on the bike there is not much to post.

I’ve not mounted the Beast of Satan (trainer) since my last short one-legged ride, choosing instead to work at keeping the swelling down as much as possible.  That’s been very difficult with some of the long days I’ve put in.

I’ve suffered through spectacular January weather.  Right now, it is 66°F and my friends are logging a lot of great miles.

But there is progress to post.

I tried on my cycling shoe this morning before my Dr. visit, and I’ll be able to wear it without excessive pain.

The Doctor gave me a tepid, conditional approval to begin on the trainer with both legs.  My progress is better than normal according to the Dr.  She also asked about my mental health since I’ve been off the bike for a month.  I appreciated her checking in that way.

Physical Therapy will also begin as soon as I can get it arranged.  That’s for range of motion and to further reduce the inflammation.

I’m now counting down the days to February 20th, the date I should be “released” for full activity if the healing continues on course.  I’ve got 20 days to get strong enough on the trainer to ride the 5:45 ride with friends again.

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  1. The 20th, huh? If I commute that day I shall pedal extra hard in celebration for you.

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