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Catching up (in more ways than one)

by on February 22, 2012

Since last I posted on February 4th, much has happened.  I’m taking the opportunity to catch up (way 1) with the posts here.

When the Doctor said I could ride the trainer, but needed to be careful, I took her advice and rode relatively low gears and high cadence.  I could only drag myself to the trainer about 3 times a week.  Some of it was boredom.  Some of it was schedule.  All of it was attitude.  I tried intervals to make the trainer more interesting, and it kept me riding for about 30 minutes.  I accumulated about 38 miles in those 2 weeks.  I also began physical therapy.  (They had me riding on a stationary bicycle for 10 minutes as a warm up.  Resistance was kept low, so spinning at a 90 rpm cadence got my heart rate up to about 85!)

Then came the big day!  I rode a hard 30 minute trainer ride the morning of the Dr. appointment.  At the appointment, the Doctor was pleased with my recovery and tentatively said yes to nearly full activity, including taking the bike outside.  Everyone cautioned me to take it easy, and gradually move back into riding, suggesting starting at 30-45 minutes and slowing adding minutes.  Well, it was a nice day, just shy of 50 degrees and a light breeze, so I pulled on all the garb and took the Kona out on the B&A Trail.  It felt great!  It also was a challenge.  I discovered that I can’t yet stand and pedal.  Moving out from a stop is painful.  I avoided hills so as to avoid excess pressure on the foot.  I logged 16.3 miles in one hour of riding.  My heart rate was higher than I wanted it to be, and that’s where I’ve got some catching up to do (way 2).

I set out my riding clothes for the Tuesday morning ride with the Severna Park Peloton, and announced by email I would be there.  I set my alarm (only 15 minutes earlier than I had been getting up through this 6 weeks of restriction).

When morning came, it was colder than it had been in quite some time.  Temperatures were in the mid-20° range.  I had not yet tried on my winter riding boots and was pleased with how easily they went on, even with the foot’s reduced flexibility.  I was out the door, feeling good.  When I got to the rusty bridge, I waited, and waited.  No lights were visible at 5:45.  I was concerned that either something had changed or I would be forced to ride alone.  But then, in a flash, three riders came from one direction, and another 3 from down the trail, and after some quick greetings, we were off.

The group was willing to ride cautiously with me, slower than the afternoon before, and sticking to the trail.  It was good to catch up (way 3) on the news and what was happening in everyone’s life.  Much of the conversation centered around the upcoming Fleche (April).  On the way back from the end of the trail we did take B&A Blvd, as I was feeling pretty good.  The small rollers were ok.  At home, the riding shoe came off easily.  My electric toe warmers did not work, and it was like having ice on my foot for the 19 mile ride.

In roughly 25 hours, I logged 8.3 miles on the trainer, 16.3 miles outdoors on Monday, and 18.8 miles on the Tuesday morning ride.  Not bad for easing into outdoor riding again.

Today was Ash Wednesday, and with a church service to conduct at 6:30 am, I did not ride.  I’ll be back out tomorrow.

In the last 6 weeks:

  • The sunrise has moved considerably earlier.  There is some daylight riding now at the end of the ride.
  • Two sections of the trail have been repaired, making the trip to the rusty bridge easier.
  • A really bad spot of B&A Blvd has been repaired.  I was tight in a paceline and couldn’t figure out why no one was avoiding the obstacle ahead.  When I dropped back and veered off, I saw it was fixed.
  • I’m really out of shape, and my foot hurts if I put too much pressure on it, so I’ve got some more catching up to do (way 4) but I’m not as slow as some of our newbies, so I haven’t lost it all.

Watch for more activity on the blog … if work cooperates.  Physical therapy 3 days a week eats up a good amount of time, and it presses me in completing what I need to at the church.

Current February miles = 102.1.  That’s not bad at all, considering!




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