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Sucking Wind Like there is no Tomorrow

by on March 8, 2012

Amazing.  Absolutely amazing weather!

A couple of days ago it was 25° F and this morning as I rolled out of my driveway the thermometer read 55°.  I got out of the house quickly (not as many layers to put on … in fact, my legs were exposed) and had over 6 miles before getting to the Rusty Bridge.  Others were a bit early too, and I could tell from the very beginning that this was going to be a fast morning.  Bill C offered to ride with me at a little slower pace, and Jeff S also hung with us.  We had a crowd of about a dozen riders and it wasn’t long before I was unable to hold the wheel of the faster group.  I was maintaining 20+ mph on the flat part of the trail and they still slowly pulled away.

By Robinson Road, they were ahead by nearly 100 yards.  We took Old County Road to work the hills.  The fast group descended into Round Bay to challenge the larger hill there.  They caught us by the time we re-entered the trail.  By the time we arrived at the southern end of the trail, I had some cramping high in my thigh and had been sucking wind hard during the fastest ride in quite some time.  I rode easier headed north, waiting for Mike C to catch up.  He had gone into Round Bay with the others and had been dropped at the top of the hill.  Mike and I rode back together from Glen Oban at a more comfortable pace, although it was still faster than usual.

Average speed for the morning was 17.1 mph.  That’s my fastest ride since October 11th.  The middle 15 miles of my ride averaged 17.96 mph.

I posted the ride on Strava to see what kind of speed I was doing on some of my “test” sections, and notice that I have some ways to go, but this felt pretty good.  My average heart rate was 148, which essentially means I was near or in oxygen deficit most of the ride.

This ride was very encouraging as I attempt to regain fitness to be able to ride the Flèche.  The serious hill work should begin soon.  I do notice that most of the right leg atrophy seems to be resolved.  I’ve regained muscle tone in the leg.  Now if my cardiovascular system will cooperate.

The Kona goes in to the shop today for new cables and a light “tune up”.  I’ll be cleaning up the fixie this afternoon and will ride her tomorrow for the breakfast ride and an extended ride.  Planned is the longest ride of the year, and on the fixie at that!

This Ride: 24.3 miles
Month: 149.2 miles
2012: 424.7 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 14,278.3 miles

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