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Sixty on a Fixie

by on March 9, 2012

Friendly Fixie Friday, the best day of bike riding around.  And today was Clint’s birthday!  We started out with 14 riders and by the time we got to Annapolis for breakfast there were seven.  The others turned back for something called “work”.  Clint sprung for breakfast.  I brought candles and matches.  I gave them to Myna, and she put a candle on a red velvet cupcake and we sang.  Clint’s wife Sherri arrived just as the festivities started.

Following the hearty breakfast (Sherri commented that she didn’t know we ate so much for breakfast) I met up with Mike B at Chick & Ruth’s where he stops with other friends.  They hadn’t been served yet, and just as their food arrived, Mike got a work related call he to which he needed to attend.  Our ride up to the airport together was initially threatened by the problem at work, but within about 15 minutes it was resolved and our ride together was back on.

I struggled.  My goal for the day was to ride with Mike and accumulate about 75 miles (but the fixie really wasn’t part of that distance plan).  I was quite fatigued through the ride, but made my planned minimum distance of 60 miles.  Although that is only about 1/4 of the upcoming Fleche, it was on the fixie and will serve to strengthen these legs.  I stopped at mile 50 for more water and a banana.  Once I got home, I showered and then napped for a couple of hours.

Arrgghh!  I just noticed that another 3.5 miles and I would have turned over the fixie odometer to 1000 miles!  Well, it will be easy to do on the next ride.

So, you see, it was a good day to be on a bike.

This Ride: 60 miles
Month: 209.3 miles
2012: 484.7 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 14,338.3 miles

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