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No Banana

by on May 3, 2012

When a ride is difficult, I find myself giving reasons why it was tough.  I think the desire to attribute a slower ride to some reason or combination of reasons is to say that there were external forces beyond my control and that is really not like me.  While there are a multitude of factors contributing to ride performance, at least some of the need to make excuses is to say, “It’s not my fault.  I’m usually not that slow.”

I had reasons galore this morning for a slow ride.

  1. There were no bananas for me to eat this morning before the ride.
  2. I had a late night and did not sleep well.
  3. Yesterday’s fast pace wore me out.
  4. I think I’m getting a tickle in my throat.  Am I coming down with something?
  5. It was a long day at work yesterday.
  6. I’m distracted by many things.

But in all honesty,

  1. I’m the one who didn’t make sure there was a banana for me this morning.
  2. Yes, I stayed up late to watch TV instead of going to bed.  I didn’t get closure on some stuff at work, so of course I didn’t sleep well.
  3. But yesterday’s fast ride followed a fast ride Tuesday evening.  My first 5 miles this morning were quicker than usual.
  4. There may be a tickle, it may be allergies.  We’ve been dealing with that around here for weeks.
  5. When doesn’t it feel like a long day at work?
  6. I’m in control of my thinking and my focus.

I just didn’t want to go fast this morning.

I rode 16 times in April not counting the Flèche.  Of those 16 rides, 13 of those rides were this speed or slower.  (That’s one advantage of a riding log.)  I guess the slow day was relative.

So, let me turn this around a little and say,

Wow.  This was a pretty good ride for not eating a banana before going out!

Well, that’s closer … how about,

That was a good ride this morning.

It was a morning where I didn’t look at the radar before heading out.  The forecast was for 30% chance of rain.  I pulled the fender off the bike.  I left the house slightly under-dressed and returned to get a wind vest on.  When I arrived at the Rusty Bridge, our first topic of conversation was the thunder and lightning off to the north and everyone’s interpretation of the radar images they saw before they left the house.  The consensus was that the rain might pass just to our north, and we should be fine.

By mid-Jennings road, I could tell that some of the guys were feeling pretty frisky so I let them go, resigning myself to a solo morning ride at the pace I wanted to ride.  It was enjoyable.  I saw the group as they passed me on Old County Road, and again as they were heading south on the trail before I hit the turn around point.  Mike C was also feeling a little tight this morning.  He slowed for me to catch up and we rode the last 1/3 of the ride together.  When we got back to Severna Park near Dawsons, I noticed that the pavement was damp.  As we rode further north, the pavement became wet and there were standing puddles.  We caught only a few sprinkles all morning.  Once I got home, my suspicions were confirmed.  Severna Park had a brief downpour that we missed entirely.

Later today: Some much needed bike maintenance on both bikes, assuming the weather holds.

Tomorrow: Friendly, Fixie Friday!

This Ride: 22 miles
Month: 96.3 miles
2012: 1694.1 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 15,547.7 miles

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